IAP President's take on time away from the office

November 11, 2015



 Writing in the first person is often frowned upon. But I'm going to make an exception in this case.


Recently I had a rather major spine surgery.  I spent six days in the hospital and about a week at home before I could do some normal chores, like stop by the office to pay the bills, bother my wife by going to the grocery store with her, etc. A lot of you were aware of this, and your cards, emails and phone calls were GREATLY appreciated.


Before my scheduled surgery, on the one in a million chance I didn't survive it, our firm went through our disaster case scenario (well I call it a disaster for me, the rest of them may call it a blessing).  So the firm was very prepared to carry on business for clients not only for the brief time I'd be out, but for my contingent passing.


While in the hospital and recuperating at home I was prescribed mild anti-pain medication, which worked very well.  One of the side effects, though, is your focus on moment-by-moment  activity is lessened, and that's really good.


Many times I thought about the market, client portfolios and my own investments.  I felt no anxiety about any of them.  I know we have established diversified portfolios that will perform admirably in all market conditions. Whatever happened, good or bad, for a few weeks would have no real long-term effect on our clients or me. Fortunately stocks have done well lately after their summertime correction.  I have several good friends who believe that happens anytime I go on vacation-I would NOT recommend this surgery for anyone or call it any kind of vacation!


What I also thought was, "How the heck could I manage my portfolio and client portfolios if I had to rely on the baloney you hear on TV all day or read in the newspaper daily?"  Wow, what a stressful and losing proposition that seemed to me. So, I concentrated on recuperation. That did seem to work. Now three weeks out, I'm almost back to a full-time work schedule and on the road to recovery.


Arthur J. Canter

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