You're driven, focused, and goal-oriented.



  • Gotten the education.

  • Excelled in your career.

  • Launched a business.

  • Bought a house.

  • Started a family.

  • Saved diligently.

Now that you're thriving in your life and career, you need your finances to work as hard as you do.

Our goal is to help our Wealth Building clients make empowered decisions about their finances. Our planning process eliminates stress, confusion, or embarrassment to help you level up and take charge of your money.

We help our clients answer questions such as:

  • How do I prioritize multiple financial goals?

  • How should I pay down my student loans?

  • Am I saving enough for retirement?

  • How much should I be saving for my kid's college?

  • How do investments work and what investments are the best for me?

  • If something bad happened to me, would my family and business be okay?

We help you make more informed financial decisions, so you can focus on life more, and worry about your money less.

Our Process

Professionals and business owner financial planning services at Investment Advisory Professionals, a fee-only investment advisor in Boca Raton South Florida


We take this time to hear what issues are most important to you. From the issues that are keeping you up at night, to your big-picture goals and bucket list items, we want to get to know you - not just your financial situation.


Our Getting Acquainted meeting can be either in-person in our Boca Raton office, or virtually via Zoom meetings. (In order to take necessary precautions due to COVID-19, we are currently only scheduling meetings virtually via Zoom, you can schedule a call here.)


Our team of experts will put our heads together and take all of the information available regarding your financial life and put it to work.


We’ll develop a comprehensive or segmented financial plan using our interactive financial planning tool MoneyGuidePro, that addresses everything from your future retirement to short-term savings goals to cash flow.



Now it's time to put your plan into action.

This can include setting up the proper brokerage accounts, re-allocating investments, and making introductions to other professionals such as estate planning attorneys, and insurance brokers.

We like to have an ongoing partnership with our clients to make sure we are there for life's important decisions. 

Are you ready to feel more confident around your finances?

Am I a good fit?


Busy professionals and business owners who are eager to get help from an expert and simplify dealing with their family finances.
People who value expert guidance and want an advisor they can count on to manage and coordinate their financial picture while they focus on what's most important to them.


Financial planning fees are assessed quarterly or monthly, based on client preference. 


First quarter planning fee: $2,000

All subsequent quarters: $1,200


**Complex cases may require different fee schedules. Investment management fees may be in addition to or instead of your annual financial planning fee.

Are you ready to get started?