Low Cost Mutual Funds


A broadly diversified global portfolio can increase returns and reduce risk.

Capturing market returns at a low cost is vital to a portfolio's success. Passive management vehicles are widely available to do so. We tend to use Vanguard's Index Funds for these assets.



Small and Value Premium


Rigorous academic research has uncovered sources of higher expected returns in smaller stocks and value stocks. Capturing those returns is the goal of many of the Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) equity asset class mutual funds we employ.



Tax Efficiencies


Building a tax efficient portfolio can reduce the drag taxes can have on your results. Use of tax managed funds and our own tax planning strategies enhance our ability to keep those costs down.





Successful investing requires discipline. Deviation from a well-designed plan based on ad hoc decisions often results in portfolio failure.





Successful investing requires periodic rebalancing to your target asset allocation while minimizing costs and taxes.



Meet IAP

Investing Philosophy

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